Hello there!
I'm Emily, an organization geek and go-getter designer.

I see the world with whimsy and wonder, making every creative pursuit exhilarating to explore. Being an intuitive listener, I easily discover what people truly need. I use my passion and drive to help others find imaginative solutions. Whether it is a campaign, branding, or a simple poster, I truly enjoy the process of being strategically creative.

Community is a priority for me. I serve as Assistant Organizer for DesignMil, an event that connects nonprofits with designers to create work that elevates their identity, branding, or otherwise visual needs. I also volunteer as Programming + Events Chair for AIGA-WI, the professional association for design. I have a strong desire to give back and design for good.

Don't be afraid to say hello! Visit my contact page to send a message my way.

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